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Top 7 Traditional Catholic Prophecy / Chastisement / Endtimes Videos

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I scoured dozens and dozens of the best Catholic Prophecy / Chastisement / Endtimes videos and found what I believe are the top 7 and included them in this video.Below are the titles, timestamps, and links to the top 7 videos shown in this video. Click on the timestamp in parenthesis to jump directly to that particular video.1. Apocalypse Chapter 18 by Michael Sestak (0:46): 2. Sister Lucia's Recent Publication of the Chastisement by Defeat Modernism (5:50): 3. The Prophecies of Blessed Elizabeth Canori Mora by Defeat Modernism (10:56): 4. Prophecies About the Coming Great Catholic Monarch by Christus Rex YouTube Channel (24:28): 5. Russia in Catholic Prophecy by Defeat Modernism (38:46): 6. Clips from two recommended documentaries (54:01):The Secret Still Silenced: Heaven’s Key to Peace: 7. The 3 Days of Darkness by Tradcatknight (57:29): Topics covered in this "Top 7 Traditional Catholic Prophecy / Chastisement / Endtimes Videos" compilation include:• Apocalypse Chapter 18• The Fall of Babylon the Great• The Three Days of Darkness• The Prophecies of Blessed Elizabeth Canori• The Prophecies of Blessed Anna Maria Taigi• Dozens of Prophecies of the Coming Great Catholic Monarch• Prophecies about Russia• + More!Please share this video with others you think might benefit from it and please like, comment, and subscribe!