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Eurodance [HD] - I'm Dreaming Of... a White Christmas

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Категория ролика: Телешоу

Теги: eurodance

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♥ Merry Christmas 2013 (and why not the upcoming years, too?) for everyone! ♥I'm Dreaming Of... a White Christmas by Passion FruitAlbum: I'm Dreaming Of... a Winter Wonderland (2001)LYRICS ON SCREEN!Picture link: I made the picture used in this video myself by using two separate pictures (the character and the background), which are not made by me.Background pic: Anime girl: If someone for some reason wants this pic as a wallpaper or something like that I can upload it somewhere, if needed.I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING IN THIS VIDEO (except slightly the pic? :D)ALL RIGHTS GO TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNERS!