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The Best of the 90's DANCE / EURODANCE [HD] [Best on Youtube]

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TOP 100 tracks from 1970-2010 by decade, AND MORE! Complete song list here!BEST OF 90'S: SONGS:1. CULTURE BEAT - MR. VAIN2. CHER - BELIEVE 3. CULTURE BEAT - TAKE ME AWAY4. HADDAWAY - WHAT IS LOVE5. SCATMAN JOHN SCATMAN6. CORONA - RHYTHM OF THE NIGHT7. DJ BOBO - SOMEBODY DANCE WITH ME 8. EIFFEL 65 - BLUE 9. PET SHOP BOYS - GO WEST10. SNAP - RHYTHM IS A DANCER11. NEWTON - SKY HIGH 12. ICE MC - THINK ABOUT THE WAY13. ALEXIA - UH LA LA LA 14. GIGI D'AGOSTINO - I'LL FLY WITH YOU15. VENGABOYS - WE LIKE TO PARTY16. PLAYAHITTY - THE SUMMER IS MAGIC 17. DR ALBAN - IT'S MY LIFE18. LE CLICK - TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT 19. VENGABOYS - BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOMThis video, along with the audio, have been uploaded for entertainment purposes only, and both are ABSOLUTELY IN ACCORDANCE with fair use standards (section 107 of the U.S. Copyright. Act.).