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My Top 10 Favorite First Kisses from Television (2012 Version)

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This video contains my top ten favorite first kisses from television shows.10) Izzie and Alex: I was never a big fan of this couple, I absolutely loved Izzie and Denny together, but this kiss was hot! The way it was set up was superb. I also really love the unexpectedness of it and the reaction it got from Cristina, George (RIP, I miss him!), Meredith, and Izzie using Grey's signature word: Seriously.9) Cory and Topanga: It's no secret that I love this show and these two! I think there's something so special about two people who have spent most of their entire lives together, knowing from a very young age that they had found their destiny. This kiss was incredibly sweet and innocent, exactly what a first kiss should be.8) Sydney and Vaughn: I have a confession to make...I've never seen Alias before. I know, crazy, especially since a kiss from the show is on this list. I saw this kiss while watching random videos on YouTube, and I just thought it seemed so special. I don't have any idea what was going on in the show or with these two characters, but this kiss just seemed so honest.7) Elena and Damon: Though we had seen Damon and Katherine kiss before, and had see Damon aggressively kiss Elena and make her forget, this was the first real kiss between these two and I went crazy over it! I know that the kiss between him and Katherine at the end of season one was way hot, and the kiss later in season three was scorching, but Damon was sweet when he kissed Elena here. I loved it.6) Kate and Sawyer: Considering that Jack and Kate are my favorite television couple ever, I'm sure it's surprising that this kiss made the list, but even though I didn't like Kate and Sawyer together, you can't deny that this kiss was really hot! This was also acted really well by Josh Holloway.5) Haley and Nathan: Oh how my inner teenage girl loves these two! So adorable! I love this kiss because of how honest Nathan was being while speaking to Haley in this scene. Everyone knew that if these two did decide to have a romantic relationship it would turn their friendships with those around them upside down, but they just couldn't help themselves. When it's right, it's right. Oh, and the choice of song was great!4) Rachel and Ross: Man, this was a seriously long awaited first kiss! Even though this couple isn't really one of my favorites, I think this kiss was so well done. The build-up to this moment was masterfully done. I even love that they were still able to keep the moment light by adding in a laugh. One of those first kisses that makes you squeal with delight.3) Lois and Clark: While I do love what is considered the first real kiss that Lois and Clark shared together (You know, the one that wasn't fueled by green arrows, Kryptonite, or amnesia), I think this first kiss was really special. I love the look that Clark has on his face after he hides from Lois. It shows that he felt it, that there was something there. I also love when Lois tells Clark about her kiss with the Green Arrow later in this episode.2) Kate and Jack: This was a really close call for first place on my list. I absolutely love this couple and I think this kiss is amazing. What I really appreciate about it is that Kate wanted to kiss Jack in this moment, there was no other reason for her to do it. Though this couple experienced many ups and downs, and never got to have a happy ending, this kiss showed sweetness, vulnerability, and what was sure to be an interesting ride.1) Lorelai and Luke: I love Gilmore Girls. I love Lorelai. I love Luke. I love this kiss. We all knew it was going to happen sooner or later, but when it finally did, it was a wonderfully surprising moment. It was so nice to finally see Luke letting it all come out, and to see Lorelai wanting to explain to him that it wasn't all in his head. This kiss was just special.Thank you for watching, and comments are welcome.*All clips used for this video are the property of and copyrighted by ABC, Disney, The CW, The WB, Warner Brothers, NBC, and all other affiliates, as well as all songs being the property of and copyrighted by the original artists, their producers, and their record labels.