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Трое из Простоквашино/Three from Buttermilk Village(with English subtitles) 1/2

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Категория ролика: Мультфильмы

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A 1978 Soviet animated film based on the children's book "Uncle Fyodor, His Dog and His Cat" (Дядя Фёдор, Пёс и Кот) by Eduard Uspensky. The film has two sequels, Vacation in Buttermilk Village (Каникулы в Простоквашино) (1980) and Winter in Buttermilk Village (Зима в Простоквашино) (1984).The main character is a six-year-old boy who is called Uncle Fyodor-because he is very serious. After his parents don't let him keep Matroskin, a talking cat, Uncle Fyodor leaves his home. With the dog Sharik,the three set up a home in the country, a village called "Buttermilkville" (Простоквашино, from Russian Простокваша- buttermilk). There, they have many adventures, some involving the local mailman Pechkin.The quotation from the movie, "Кто там? / Это я - Почтальон Печкин!" (English: "Who's there? / It's me, Mailman Pechkin") has entered the Russian language as a ubiquitous and universally-recognizable reference and often-used response to the question, "Who's there?"